The library was existed same with the faculty founded at 1955. In its early years, as the head of library is Prof. Dr. Sukadji Ranuwiharjo, M.A.  until on the middle of 1960. In his periods, the faculty has cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, USA that affected to improve the library’s collections and guest lecturers to support the learning process for students. Library was received many books collections from Rockefeller Foundation, besides from internal lecturers and civitas academics.  In the middle of 1960, Ibu Dra Savitri-Soeharto, M.A., came back from study master at USA in Library Sciences, then in 1966 she was stated as the head of library until 1974. In 1975, she has a new position on the central library of university as head of library, so she has changed by Bapak Drs. Widodo until 1983. In 1983, Bapak Drs. Widodo was move to the central of library of university, so he has changed by Ibu Dra. Murianti Pranowo, M.L.S until 1986.  After Ibu Dra Murianti Pranowo, M.L.S. was move to the central library of university for a new position as head of central library; Ibu Retnowati was state as a new head of faculty of economics library. Her period is until 1996. In her periods, In 1989, the library location was moved from Central Building of University (Balairung) to Humaniora street where is the new location of faculty of economics was moved on 1988. In 1996, Bapak Drs FX Muljono, M.Si was state as a new head of library of economics faculty until 2005. In 2005, he was change by Bapak Kusdhianto Setiawan, Siv. Oek until August 2008. In his periods, in 2007, the name of library was change from the library of faculty of economics to the library of faculty of economics and business, following the new name of the faculty.

So, since the faculty of economics and business existed, the library has a periods of various backgrounds of the leadership, taken from professional librarians and also from lecturers, that are:

  1. Prof. Dr. Sukadji Ranuwihardjo, M.A. (1955-1960-an)
  2. Dra. Savitri-Soeharto, M.A. (1966-1974)
  3. Drs. Widodo (1975-1983)
  4. Dra. Murianti Pranowo, M.L.S. (1983-1986)
  5. Retnowati (1986-1996)
  6. Drs. FX. Mulyono, M.Si. (1996-2005)
  7. Kusdhianto Setiawan, S.E., Siv. Oek. (2005-July 2008)
  8. Arif Surachman, S.IP. (August 2008-February 2013)
  9. Maryatun, S.E., M.A. (March 2013 – Now)