Library Membership

The Library Membership is available for FEB’s Member (student and faculties), training participant that conducted by FEB UGM, UGM’s Member, graduates and doctoral students from outside, and special member from institution/organization.

Library Member Rights

  1. Get services as type of membership.
  2. Using all of the library facilities such as reading room, computers, collections, etc, depends the type of membership.

Library Member Obligations

  1. Using all facilities and collections with care and attend, including to avoid vandalism acts.
  2. Agree and obey to the library regulations and services requirements.
  3. Prohibit requesting any services that not recommended by the library regulation to the library staff such as borrowing or copying restriction collections (theses or research report), etc.
  4. Pay administration fee or other library charges as library regulation.

Type of Library Membership

  1. Members from FEB communities (students or faculties) did not need to pay registration fee (FREE).  But members from the outside of FEB should be charged as follows:
  2. Diploma and Undergraduates students from other faculty in UGM: Rp. 5000,00/semester
  3. Graduates and Doctoral students from other faculty in UGM: Rp. 10.000,00/semester or Rp. 10.000,00/trimester.
  4. Alumni members, Graduates or Doctoral Program Students from the outside of UGM : Rp. 25.000,00/month
  5. Training or course participant that hold by P2EB FEB UGM: Rp. 25.000,00 for the periods of training/course. Registration process should be process collectively.
  6. Institutions or organizations members/staff: Rp. 50.000/month, and should submit a letter of recommendation from their institutions/organizations.

Requirements for Membership Registration

  1. Submit a copy of valid students’ card or ID card. Special for alumni member should submit a copy of alumni card. • Submit a copy of SPP transaction form
  2. Submit a photograph sizes 2×3, 1 (one) piece
  3. Pay an administration fee
  4. Fill registration form and temporary member form.
  5. Submit a letter of recommendation from faculty/university/institution/organization)

Requirement for Renewal the Membership

  1. Submit a copy of valid SPP transaction form (shows an original form) for FEB’s members
  2. Submit a valid transaction form of administration payment and copy of ID card or copy of valid SPP transaction form.