Service Rates

  • Fine for late payment of a printed book loan, per book/day of IDR5,000
  • Fine for late return of reserve book loans, per book/day IDR25,000,-
  • Fine for late return of locker keys, IDR 25,000 per key/day (Can be replaced by buying an Indonesian economy book for the last 5 years)
  • Users from outside UGM: Reading cards for Alumni, students (S1, S2, and S3), IDR25,000 per person/month, and Reading cards for institutions/organisations/public, per person/month IDR50.000,-
  • Administrative fine for eliminating books, IDR 25,000 per book (still need to replace the same book)
  • Fine for returning damaged books (processing and binding fees), IDR50,000 per book

Note: All payments should be made to our institutional virtual accounts